Beijing Video Dump

When it is midnight and the day has been too long, it is time to do a video dump. Here goes.

Rohit Bhargava and Kaitlyn Wilkins got into the iLounge on daypasses today with their FlipCams and kicked butt with a ton of good interviews with the athlete bloggers. Check out the YouTube channel, LenovoAthleteBlogger. I like South African kayaker Shaun Rubenstein’s observation that the athlete blog movement is gaining steam among his fellow kayakers who want to stay “trendy.”

I had dinner at the Temple of the Five Pagodas, or Wutasi, near the Beijing Zoo. The place is incredibly beautiful and 500 years old. This was with our VIP guests and I sat with Jeff Levick from Google. I liked the music ladies a lot. The calligraphy over the round table — original poem drawn by Mao himself.

On the Olympic Green on Wednesday I saw this hallucination:

I was interviewed at the USA House this morning by Loretta Chao at the Wall Street Journal.  When she was interviewing our CMO I decided to film her filming him. The audio is useless. But hey. It’s content. Go complain elsewhere.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. That is the trippiest video I’ve seen out of the Olympics – more so b/c I’m sure they came out of nowhere – lead by a group of blue shirted volunteers marching in synch.

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