Weather — perfect

Wednesday’s rains flushed the skies and last night’s weather for the opening of the track-and-field events was more than perfect, almost freaky perfect, with a big full moon climbing out of the southeastern sky, and the Fragrant Hills orange in the sunset.

I woke up this morning to more of the same. Sweet. I was beginning to think I’d never draw a chestful of air again. Here’s hoping this sticks around for the marathon. Have a press panel today on the impact of blogging on the Olympics, then have to switch back to the old hotel, then onto the big marketing push (even bigger than the one we’ve unleashed) to close out the rest of the Games. Ten days and I’m home. I think this is exactly the mid-point.

Huge thanks to Nicole Estebanell at Neo, Gary Milner and Rahul Agarwal at Lenovo. They’ve accomplished a miracle in the last four days and they know what I am talking about …..

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Had a great dinner last night with some friends of Dede (step-sister). Crabs, kidneys, greens, a grits-kind of porridge, spareribs, a collard/hominy kind of salad, edamame ….. it was very good. Wait till i upload pictures of the grounds around the house — was out by the Ming Tombs in an orchard with views of the mountains. Stunning. Off to rowing now.

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