Google Phone

This afternoon I played with a Google G1 (built with HTC), went right into search, ran my favorite term: “Churbuck”, pulled up my blog, scrolled with my finger.

I thought it was good.  Big phone, slider keyboard. It’s all about the OS and not being a phone app developer, I am not the person to opine on its strengths or weaknesses. But as a web phone. It worked for me and it was fast. I didn’t make a voice call.

Blast from the past

Brianne in the comments of an earlier post suggests I watch out for open flames.

She refers, of course, to this high point in my social life. When I set myself on fire in front of the Queen of Sweden. I had all but forgotten but still bear the scars.

And the crowd went wild ….

Finished my keynote at Folio in good health. Presented the Voices of the Summer Olympics, replete with Ogilvy Digital Influence produced-video(see embedded video a few posts prior to this), and it was well received.

Then onwards to NYC where I sit now, ready for a day of getting into it. Speaking gig number two at Advertising Week on Thursday. Me and Nicole Estebanell from Neo, Wenda Harris Millard, CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Jay Sears at ContextWeb. Topic: Online Media Fragmentation: Wandering Audience and What Advertisers can do about it. Then home.

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