blog hiccups

Apparently some readers can’t click into a specific post. I’ll ask the powers that know to check out the issue. Stay tuned.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “blog hiccups”

  1. Is it a problem right now? Specific entries? I was able to click into this entry using osx & firefox3. If you need something double checked, let me know. I have XP chomping at the bit on the other side of the room…

  2. Mark/David:

    Used to have this problem on Firefox, Chrome & IE, now it seems to be working as intended.



  3. It was SuperCache — not sure what that plug in was doing in there — something about being a Digg killer or something, but now it is dead.

  4. I put supercache in, as it’s part of my normal WordPress distribution. I use it on everything to lower bandwidth and speed delivery. It’s not without issues, and on a small percentage of sites I end up turning it off. We might actually want to try setting it to “half on” as that setting is normally enough to make things work.

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