The weekend that was and whereabouts for the week

Staying put on Cape Cod this week – first week in who knows how long (not counting recent “staycation”) where I haven’t gone somewhere for something. Big project brewing, lots of desktime needed.

However, this past weekend saw the restoration of the old chicken coop continue. With my son and I re-roofing the little shed with fancy architectural-grade shingles donated by the munificent Cousin Pete, who also gave us the chapter-and-verse lesson in how to shingle.

Rest of the weekend was filled with, a lame Halloween (1 set of trick or treaters), sculling on the harbor, a good beachwalk under gunmetal skies, some clock change adaptation, a big writing project, the start of Moneyball on my Kindle, and the psychic crossover from summer mode to winter bunker mentality. Here’s a cheery sight. The Lowell’s dock getting taken in before the winter ice trashes it.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

One thought on “The weekend that was and whereabouts for the week”

  1. If i were a Rhode island Red (except the Communist from Providence variety), i’d be quite happy with this. Were I a ginormous 14 year old in school I would have my intrior designer parental unit, outfit the interior and then I would take it over.

    Nice shingles, dudes. do youstill have all of our fingers, undamaged.
    Get a nail gun powered by MAP gas, you won’t regret it until you nail your kneecap.


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