MediaPost – Facebook, MySpace Aren’t Making the Marketing Cut –

From colleague Gary Milner, further dour sentiment towards Facebook and Myspace as marketing vehicles (see my earlier pointer to P&G’s new CMO saying essentially the same thing — marketers aren’t that capitvated by advertising next to photos of frat boys doing keg stands).

“However, more than half (55%) of the 180 responding chief marketers–representing brands with revenues ranging from $250 million to more than $10 billion–indicated low current interest in actually incorporating the networking sites into their plans.

“One-third said they’re “not interested at all” in getting Facebook and MySpace into their plans, and 22% said they’re “not too interested,” while 35% are very or somewhat interested.”


Whereabouts – week of 12.1

December? Eeek! 2008 is now a runaway train.

Monday 12.1-Tuesday 12.2: Cotuit

Wednesday 12.3: St. Louis for Lenovo’s annual industry analyst conference

Thursday-Friday 12.4-5: St. Louis then back to Cotuit.

Not much travel on the horizon in December. I’d like to get to NC for a quick visit, but other than that, trying to economize on the air fare, hotels and rental cars.

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