Whereabouts week of Dec. 14

Monday – Tuesday 12.15-16: Cotuit

Wednesday: 12.17 personal day

Thursday: 12.18 Cotuit

Busy week of phone work, planning, writing, drafting, powerpointing, and year-end wrap up.  Killing off one PC and transferrring to a new one (that is eating the spare moments this weekend. Started a screenplay on the King Phillip Indian War of 1675 (working title “Metacomet”).  Still picking away at Shadow Country.  Need to see the accountant on Wednesday for tax stuff. Friday hit the road early for roadtrip to Vermont. Following week me and the rest of the world basically goes on break for the holidays.

Daughter returns from college on Tuesday. Son … not sure. In-laws the following week. I’m already cooking — making up a chicken and beef stock this weekend for some serious end of year cooking. On the agenda — a cassoulet perhaps, definitely a beef bourguignon, and then a big roast — perhaps a stuffed saddle of lamb or a goose on Xmas. New Year’s Eve … undetermined at this point.

Author: David Churbuck

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4 thoughts on “Whereabouts week of Dec. 14”

  1. I’m so excited. Axel and I found an honest-to-God butcher within a reasonable driving distance. I’ve lived her for 11 years and this is the first real butcher I’ve seen. I’m in heaven.

  2. Send him north. Please?
    Actually, I have a semi-decent butcher (my son worked in the local upscale grocery store’s butcher shop and made friends), so if I give him notice I can get stuff cut to order. But 90% of what I want to cook — no way.

    What’s on the Lisa holiday menu?

  3. We’re going to NJ this year to see the fam so I don’t have the complete menu. But I suspect it will be something like stuffed clams for nibbles, roasted shrimp starter, standing rib roast and Ginny’s world-famous home-made lasagna for the main course, potato and celeriac bake. A pitcher of Old-Fashioneds (my sister just discovered these).

    My cousin is hosting Christmas Eve and her husband is a hunter and a very creative cook (and I mean that in a good way) so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on their menu.

    Enjoy Vermont.

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