Holiday Challenge – Mission Accomplished

200,671 meters spread across the 28 days between Thanksgiving and tonight, Christmas Eve. Ended it this afternoon with a final 10,000 meter piece in the boat shop, sweating to some heavy metal cranked on the iPod and setting my best 10K time of 2008 with a heart rate up around hummingbird levels.

Some dude rowed 1.5 million meters in 28 days — that’s 50,000+ meters per day, which, to my crude math, is close to four hours a day – every day — on a rolling seat  with a handle attached to a bike chain and a fan.  So Don Siebert, age 60, out there in Lansing, MI. This Bud’s for you.

I celebrated by eating two pounds of Vermont’s best cheese and a $80 cassoulet ordered and assembled per the instructions from D’Artagnan, a duck specialty mailhouse I found on the web. I ate like a Roman tonight and now need to hire a little boy to tie my shoes.

And to all good night and a happy happy holiday. Stay tuned for the Churbuck year in review and some random non-work posts over the next few days.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

One thought on “Holiday Challenge – Mission Accomplished”

  1. Way to go, Dave/.noheadout to the Vomitorium like a good Roman!

    Merry Christma to all people Churbuckian.

    the avocado plunderers of Escondido
    and Senor Perro sends out a throaty “Yip Yip” to
    Esme and Ned the Defender!

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