Amazon unveils thinner, lighter Kindle 2

I checked out the details on the new Kindle 2 from Amazon. Right off, the pictures indicate better ergonomics and button placement — someone must have climbed in bed and tried to use it this time — and I understand from ComputerWorld the revolution may come from WhisperSynch — giving users the ability to read cross platform on G1s or iPhones perhaps.

I won’t upgrade. The news seems to be in the cross-platform reader and opening of the format to alternative devices.

Author: David Churbuck

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One thought on “Amazon unveils thinner, lighter Kindle 2”

  1. I strongly doubt I’m going to upgrade either but I wouldn’t expect most 1.0 owners to upgrade. Whether it’s iPods, laptops or almost any other personal electronic device, there’s not much “bang for the buck” upgrading frequently as each new model comes out. With iPods, we’ve upgraded about every 3rd generation. I typically keep a laptop for at least 3 years. So I think most Kindle 2 buyers will be newbies and we, the pioneers, will be looking to upgrade maybe next year or the year after.

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