WP Auto update failure

I went to accept the auto-update on WordPress to 2.7.1 and got this ”
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class pclzip in /home/churbuck/public_html/wordpress/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php on line 171″ — wondering if it’s me or if it’s the distro …

update: I turned off the auto-update plug in and the patch was accepted.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. RoePan – Jakarta – Not a pro or full time blogger, just a beginner. I enjoy to be around the social networking atmosphere. And I love music too, mostly disco music 80s, 90s - that's we called it "Classic Disco"
    rudy says:

    Hi, i would like to ask if you use plug-in automatic upgrade or from option – upgrade.

  2. I had the exact same problem when I tried to auto-upgrade earlier today. That is why I feel inclined to use SVN instead.

  3. Thee are lots of reports on their forum.

    1. Make sure the auto-update plugin is turned off – you don’t need it anymore.
    2. File permissions need to be 664 – older installs appear to have 644 set by default. Make sure your wp-content/uploads folder is writable by all as well.
    3. There are some issues reported using Firefox to upgrade – probably due to an unidentifed plugin.

    My bet is that your problem is #2. Which is the problem I had…

  4. I had the old plugin for auto-update and got the error. I deactivated it and the new built in update ran flawlessly. Only difference is that the backup of database and whatnot’s isn’t built into the new version. The less I have to manually do the better so I hope they fix this in the future.

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