Clam rake tussle leads to charges

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Nothing like a clam rake fight to start off the spring clamming season.  Here in Barnstable the KlamKops pack guns. Now I know why.  Up in Friendship, Maine…..:

“Around 1 p.m. on March 7, Shellfish Warden Neil Pollis saw two men digging clams off Cushing Road. He approached the men to issue a shellfish violation for digging without a license.

The two men became agitated and a 17-year-old male circled Pollis with a clam rake, while Jason Olsen, 24, of Friendship threatened Pollis with a clam rake. Olsen and Pollis got into a struggle and during the altercation Pollis was hit with the clam rake, according to Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy John Palmer. Pollis, who said he received some puncture wounds on the arm, was not seriously injured and was not transported to the hospital.

Pollis also had issued Olsen a violation about a week prior to the incident, he said. In addition, he had warned him on shellfish violations on other occasions.”

Tip o’ the hat to Cousin Tom in Damariscotta for the clip.

Digital Agency Report Cards 2008: Adweek

via Digital Agency Report Cards 2008.

My Google Alert sent in the annual rankings by AdWeek of the various agencies. Lenovo’s agency of record is Ogilvy. I’m happy to see Lenovo was cited as a high point in their 2008 ranking.

OgilvyInteractive is trying to figure out social media. It’s established some bona fides. For Lenovo, it showed benefits of electronics giant’s products by putting them in the hands of athletes at the Summer Olympics to blog for a Lenovo site. The “Voices of the Olympic Games” program generated 1,500 postings by 100 athletes. But, social media can bite back.”

Couple things to clarify. OgilvyPR’s 360 Digital Influence ProjectRohit Bhargava, Kaitlyn Wilkins, John Bell — did the heavy lifting with blogger recruitment and management during the Olympics. Neo@Ogilvy – Nicole Estebanell’s team — led the media selection and execution of in-market dollars.

The project was conceived on the client side by me, executed by Lenovo’s Alan White, Esteban Panzeri and Tim Supples and supported by Lenovo’s comms team, especially Bob Page.  Ogilvy did a magnificent job rallying around us under impossible deadlines to make this program happy. Sidenote: the Voices project was a finalist in PRWeek’s annual awards for best use of digital, but alas, lost out to an Ikea and milk moustache campaign

Whereabouts week of 3.16

Monday-Sunday 3.16-3.22:  Cotuit

I still look like a rabid raccoon had relations with Deputy Dawg and spawned a sniffling, red-nosed hulking man of nasal sadness who looked like he got stomped hard by a gang of old ladies and now sports two black eyes. I was toiling in the yard with a rake yesterday, deluded with thoughts of spring, my back to the sidewalk, when some cheery iPod-occluded power walker with hand weights and a perky pony tail wagging out of the back of her pink Red Sox cap yelled out a hearty “HI!” which nearly caused me to assault her with the rake.

“$%&*#!” I said neighbor-like. “You $%%#@ freaked me out!”

“Don’t wantagiveyanotherblackeye” she giggled.

I need to get on the water for some sculling this week. Two rules apply for the first row of the season -1) there must be snow somewhere on the ground and I saw a good, grey snow drift near the launching ramp yesterday – 2) it has to occur on, or near St. Pat’s which is tomorrow.

Next week: NYC for a two day expedition. China at the end of the month.

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