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via Beware the Social Media Charlatans – Business Center – PC World.

Someone had to say it:

“Lately it seems I can’t go anywhere without running into a gaggle of social media consultants bloviating about the wonders of social network marketing. Sure, you’ve seen ’em, too. Slick shake-and-bake “experts” promising to help you leverage the power of Twitter and Facebook to raise your profile and, inexplicably, boost your profits. But scratch the surface on most of these claims and they instantly crumble. Meanwhile, it seems the only people making any money in social media are the consultants themselves.”

unleashing my inner red neck

Hertz Gold Club #1 greeted me at RDU yesterday with a big-ass red Ford F150 pickup truck with a crew cab. My testosterone levels spiked. No KIA or Hyundai nonsense for this cowboy. I climbed in, fired it up, hit the radio and yep, all the buttons were pre-tuned to WQDR – country music.

So I have been tooling around the urban sprawl of North Carolina feeling extremely red-blooded, and catching up on the latest NASCAR news (e.g. Jeff Gordon had an injection in his back, Coors Lite is the official NASCAR beer) while driving to dinners at the Angus Barn.

Back to Cape Clam tonight. Things aren’t going to be the same.

Thanks to Nathan Gilliatt for the pointer to this here video:

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