6 thoughts on “Eel Milk”

  1. My eyes, My eyes!
    Ay Carumba! Dude Where di you find that?
    Does it have that yummy eel slime after taste with a foretaste of dark wiggling fishies?


  2. godsdog – Lakewood, WA, USA – Mitch Ratcliffe is a veteran entrepreneur, technical program manager and journalist/analyst who has observed and participated in every phase of the Internet era, starting on the The WELL in 1987. He cofounded BuzzLogic, was on the founding executive team of ON24, and his first board role was with Match.com in 1996.
    Mitch Ratcliffe says:

    All the kids must rush to your house on hot Cotuit afternoons. “Mr. Churbuck, can I please have an Eel pop? Yum, yum.”

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