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FTC guidelines have been released on blogola — I’ll digest the FTC regs later today and opine later — this stuff was anticipated all spring and now extends to celeb tweets.  I’ll be interested what this does to disclosure statements – our Lenovo  Blogger Advisory Council is accepting systems from us for review, but no ownership of those systems, just review units that need to be recovered. Should we push the disclosure to the council members or ask them to publish their own, even if there is no payments, but obviously a material connection. I’ll look it over during the Twins-Tigers game tonight.

From AdAge

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on blogger payola.

The agency, which protects consumers from fraud or deceptive business practices, voted 4 to 0 to update its rules governing endorsements, and the new guidelines require bloggers to clearly disclose any “material connection” to an advertiser, including payments for an endorsement or free product.

via FTC Regulates Social-Media Endorsements, Blogger Payola – Advertising Age – Digital.

Whereabouts week of Oct 6

Raleigh – Tuesday-Thursday
Cape – Friday- Sunday

First trip since Beijing in early August and the affaire d’ retina. Only long term trip is first week of November back to Beijing and perhaps a three-day weekend to Charlottesville to see my daughter at college.

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