A Review of Windows 7 – WSJ.com

Sorry to turn into a Lenovo-shill, but hey, if Walt Mossberg acknowledges that Win 7 on a Lenovo restarts faster than a Mac — well I’m just saying ……

“Speed: In my tests, on every machine, Windows 7 ran swiftly and with far fewer of the delays typical in running Vista. All the laptops I tested resumed from sleep quickly and properly, unlike in Vista. Start-up and restart times were also improved. I chose six Windows 7 laptops from different makers to compare with a new MacBook Pro laptop. The Mac still started and restarted faster than most of the Windows 7 PCs. But the speed gap has narrowed considerably, and one of the Lenovos beat the Mac in restart time.”

via A Review of Windows 7 – WSJ.com.

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