Whereabouts and blog silence mea culpa

Next Sunday through Thursday — Oct. 25-29 Lenovo Headquarters in North Carolina

Following week – Nov 1-5 will be in Beijing

So why the silence? Six weeks have transpired  since the vitrectomy to reattach my left retina and I have been a little depressed and too challenged vision-wise to do much writing.  No gory details — but here’s the state of affairs today:

1. I have double vision. There is a second version of everything pointing down and to the right of the real thing.

2. I have some problems reading as the day goes by and my eye gets tired

3. Due to scar tissue my affected eye has a “pinch” effect where everything is pulled together in the middle of my field of vision. This causes words on a page or screen to compress together into a solid “slug”

How do I cope?

1. Big fonts. I’ve cranked up my screen fonts.

2. Kindle — the font sizer on the Kindle is a great thing for bad eyesight

3. New glasses. I am being fitted with my first spectacles in six years with a prismatic correction to solve the double-vision

4. Eye patch to cut down the confusion.

Prognosis: very good. I have vision where I had none before and I could be looking at a six month wait before things really settle down.

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