Whereabouts and blog silence mea culpa

Next Sunday through Thursday — Oct. 25-29 Lenovo Headquarters in North Carolina

Following week – Nov 1-5 will be in Beijing

So why the silence? Six weeks have transpired  since the vitrectomy to reattach my left retina and I have been a little depressed and too challenged vision-wise to do much writing.  No gory details — but here’s the state of affairs today:

1. I have double vision. There is a second version of everything pointing down and to the right of the real thing.

2. I have some problems reading as the day goes by and my eye gets tired

3. Due to scar tissue my affected eye has a “pinch” effect where everything is pulled together in the middle of my field of vision. This causes words on a page or screen to compress together into a solid “slug”

How do I cope?

1. Big fonts. I’ve cranked up my screen fonts.

2. Kindle — the font sizer on the Kindle is a great thing for bad eyesight

3. New glasses. I am being fitted with my first spectacles in six years with a prismatic correction to solve the double-vision

4. Eye patch to cut down the confusion.

Prognosis: very good. I have vision where I had none before and I could be looking at a six month wait before things really settle down.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

10 thoughts on “Whereabouts and blog silence mea culpa”

  1. It sounds as if things are moving in the right direction. I’m hoping the best for you.

  2. What I want to see is a photo of you in an eye patch. What would Capt. Chatfield think?

  3. Just finished a conference in a slow industry to accept the new world of marketing but the few I have given you blog address have enjoyed and learned from you posts. thanks. Hope all falls into place soon.

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