Novotel Mifi 2200 initial impressions

This is a very slick little device — think of a portable wireless WiFI router but instead of plugging into your cable or DSL it uses a 3G cell phone connection to provide wireless connectivity to up to five devices.

I am sitting at Logan Airport using the sucker — but can’t tunnel into the corporate VPN with it. Once I solve that snag I am flying and won’t need to commit every new thinkpad to a Verizon or AT&T WWAN/EVDO wireless WAN account.

The actual unit is smaller than this picture

So, now to cancel my X200’s AT&T account and live in the cloud while sticking it to the airport paid WiFi gods. Whoops, airport wifi is free right now thanks to Google.

You could buy one of these and equip a stack of Wifi enabled netbooks with one paid account …. the economics are very interesting and very disruptive provided I don’t bump over the 5 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth.

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