The Simile of the Year

Baseball’s peripatetic scribe, the New Yorker’s Roger Angell in the November 30, 2009 description of the Damned Yankee’s 2009 World Series Championship describes pitcher C.C. Sabathia thusly:

“Too bad, but I’m not going to get around to C.C. Sabathia’s sunny looks and pavilion-sized pants and weird, white-toed spikes, or ask batters how they feel about his fastball-cutter-changeup assortment that arrives (he’s six-seven and two hundred and ninety pounds) like a loaded tea tray coming down an airshaft.”

That boys and girls, is a simile.

Whereabouts 12/19-1/6

Saturday: 12/19 Cotuit
Sunday-Wednesday: 12/20-1/5: San Francisco (Potrero Hill, St. Helena)
CES to follow — returning to Cotuit 1/9/10

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