Google is marketing more….

…especially around Chrome. First the free holiday airport wifi, now some interesting web video out of Asia. Thanks to colleague Cissy Yang for the pointer. This one is hosted on YouKu. I like it a lot (but then again I also like Chrome a lot)

Google, the company that didn’t need to market is now doing so.

Grotto of wine

600 feet into the side of a Napa Valley mountainside and 80 feet down. And filled with wine. And more wine. And more wine after that. This is a boutique vineyard and the owner/wine maker gave me a tour. This cave was dug out of solid stone with a monster tunnel excavator.

Dominos YouTube Campaign

I watched this expecting some soul wrenching turnaround after the store employee-nose blowing incident that caught the social media/disaster PR world’s attention.

But no, it is four minutes of YouTube on how to make bad pizza better.

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