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The discussion on Reel-Time about imposing saltwater fishing licenses on Massachusetts residents used to be one of the most predictable fire-starters of massive flame wars among those piscine libertarians who wanted no regulations to the fish-huggers who wanted everything declared a gamefish and shut off from commercial sale.

This morning my buddy Curt Jessup, guide and Sea-Tow man, posted on Facebook page that there are federal license requirements to be aware of, as well as a forthcoming Massachusetts last year, passed into law by Governor Patrick last November.

Forewarned I went to and filled this out. No charge. I needed to fill it out in the off chance I am more than three miles off-shore in Federal waters looking for mahi-mahi or tuna (which happens a couple times per year).

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4 thoughts on “Getting licensed to fish”

  1. As a former midwesterner I am amused by the firestorm of indignation surrounding the talk of implementation of a saltwater fishing license. In Illinois and Wisconsin where I fished extensively a license is just an accepted part of the deal (although they aren’t nearly as expensive as a Massachusetts freshwater license). Given the amount of money we anglers spend on this most noble of pastimes, the cost of a license is small potatoes indeed. More important is an adjustment of the striper regulations. We need to institute a slot limit like the Wisconsin walleye regulations. That would mean you can keep two (or one or three, whatever) fish between, say, twenty-two and thirty inches; none smaller and none larger. That protects the young generation and the valuable spawners.

  2. Please Lord of bowed rods, smoking reels an razor taught lines, one more Mahi Mahi.
    Pleas, just one more. Give me that and I’ll swear off DuPont spinners as a last resort. Promise!

    Anonontheashram in California

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