Carolina Baseball

Raleigh this week has been a gorgeous preview of the spring to come (even though I see people in t-shirts at Fenway in April) and I tried to take advantage of it with some outdoor BBQ on Monday, where, to my amazement, I saw a green fog of pine pollen float through the air beyond the picnic table. The stuff is everywhere, like tree phlegm on cars, sidewalks, my blazer ….

Tuesday night I drove down to the USA  Baseball Center in Cary and watched Duke beat William and Mary in a great game on a beautiful night. I scored for a while to limber up my scoring skills, but eventually put away the pencil and just soaked in the nice relaxed sight of watching college kids whack the pill out of the park with their metal bats.

Was nice to see Wareham Gateman Jake Lemmerman at bat again.  The game was won by Duke, 9 to 5.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

4 thoughts on “Carolina Baseball”

  1. Welcome to green slime season in NC. Wait ’til it rains later today and the stuff congeals in the puddles. What a mess.

  2. If you ever get a chance, head out down 64 to Greenville – check out the Pirates. They’ve been ranked no. 27 by NCBWA.

    And yes Lisa – it’s everywhere – can’t wait to cut the lawn this weekend and raise more dust.

  3. I’ll be scouting the Pac-10 baseball games. Husky baseball tix cost $2.00-sheckels! Ted, his buddies & I catch when we can…

  4. I’m looking forward to the Cape League season. I haven’t caught any games in recent years since I went to a 4-day/week, 10-hour per day work schedule. However, I’m going to make a sincere effort to catch some games this year — I miss Lowell Field, the hotdogs, and the butt splinters.

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