Sodom and Cotuit

So feeling extraordinarily eleemosynary this morning, I decided to take a pair of plastic grocery bags along with me for my morning constitutional, figuring I would polish my halo by picking up the litter that has bugged me the past month during my walks down the Main Street of the village to the town beach and back.

I thought I would deliver this partial census of what I found:

  • Six empty plastic “nips” of  booze ranging from Jim Beam to some strange orange flavored schnapps
  • Three empty cigarette packages, including one Virginia Slims
  • Four beer cans
  • A torn thong. White. Lace. Victoria’s Secret. Medium.
  • One bag of dog feces nearly tied but discarded in hopes someone else would dispose of it
  • On the lawn of the parsonage, a “40” half filled with “High Gravity” malt liquor (I assume it is malt liquor).

This collection was awesome in its pure evil. I immediately washed my hands.

Doc Searls Weblog · Brands are boring

The Social Brand bug crawled up Doc Searls’ (Cluetrain co-author for you Philistines) butt and inspired him to say the right thing about brand being for cattle and breweries. I now have a new acronym to go on the wall along with  NMDB: SEFTTI.

“As for social media, all media now need to be social. Mediation is between humans, some of which are inside companies. Hence, “social media” as oxymoron. Sort of, anyway.

“Meanwhile, lots of social media types are talking about brands and branding as if these were new and hip things. They’re not. They’re heavy and old. We need to move on, folks. Think of something human instead.

“When a friend came back from SXSW recently, we talked about how, at the show, it was “social every fucking thing there is.” The term SEFTTI was thus coined.”

via Doc Searls Weblog · Brands are boring.

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