First Skylight smartbook blog post

I am calling first blog post from a Smartbook with this entry. What is a “smartbook” — it’s a non-Wintel netbook with 3G wireless and smartphone-like battery life This is being posted from my Lenovo Skylight which is operating perfectly out of the box. Stay tuned for more as I get used to its keyboard.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

3 thoughts on “First Skylight smartbook blog post”

  1. I saw someone I knew walking the other day with what looked like this clear plastic lunchbox with one rounded side. It looked like it had some colored material inside – I really couldn’t tell as I saw it at a distance.

    Since I knew the person, I thought I’d just rib them a little. Seeing the thing they were carrying, I called after them “Hey, is that your skylight lunchbox?” I felt like I was back in 3rd grade.

    Ironically, it was a skylight in some pre-GA packaging kit. So, the shape is iconic, and immediately recognizable, even at a subliminal level. That’s probably a really positive sign for things to come.

    I think there are going to be hundreds of unique stories… will be interesting to read some of yours.


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