Boat is launched

Back from Venice and I felt the urge to get aquatic asap. So John Peck from Peck’s Boats arrived at 7:30 am and took away the boat on his trailer for a launch at the ramp at Prince’s Cove. I took the motorboat for insurance, in case the Yanmar wouldn’t start and it needed a tow back to Cotuit.

No problem. John bled the fuel system and after ten minutes of messing around I was backing out of the slip and cruising, sans mast, back to the Cotuit town down where another guy helped me step the mast and re-rig the yacht. Afternoon cruise around Grand Island with a six-pack of Sierra Nevada and all is well with the world.


John has some very cool trailer/winch set ups. The man is a hydraulic genius. He used to stuff my 25′ Wianno Senior into a two-bay garage every year.

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