Jelly Donut Hamburger

I’m dieting, done in by the Florentine mime, so my ballpark fare has been restricted to a paltry bag of unbuttered popcorn this summer. Go to Yarmouth-Dennis and get your Lipitor on with a “Hurler” — a cheeseburger on a jelly donut topped “with the finest canned cheese on the market.” Eric Williams and CapeCast explains:


I traveled to Newport, RI yesterday to the International Tennis Hall of Fame to watch a match between the Frenchman, Nicholas Mahut and Alejandro Falla. Mahut made history at Wimbledon this year with his 11 hour, five minute match — the longest in history. He beat Falla in a speedy hour and half yesterday in a staggering heat wave. The Hall of Fame is a gorgeous place to watch a match. The shingle-style facility, the fin de siecle grandstand, the slight ocean breeze blowing in from Block Island Sound. I couldn’t escape fast enough.

The car thermometer says it all. I suspect it was exaggerating just to impress on me how hard it was working.

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