Apple’s iPad Is Going To Destroy The Netbook Market, Says Goldman (Sorry, Microsoft)

Blodget and Goldman dig a grave for the netbook segment. Cause of death: iPad.

This chart from Morgan Stanley says it all. A year ago the netbook category was the hottest thing in PCs. Today …. I don’t imagine anyone is going to weep tears for Atom based netbooks. They may have been little and cute, but their 3G wireless contracts are a millstone around their necks, and they are, in the end, still Windows PCs.

Only slower. Read through to Blodget’s summary of Goldman’s 5 C’s on why the iPad has gutted netbooks.

Remember a year ago, when netbooks were the fastest growing segment of the PC market?

Not anymore.

And not ever again, as far as Goldman Sachs is concerned.

Because Apple’s iPad is going to wipe the netbook market out, says Goldman.  (Sorry about that, Microsoft. Netbooks were a headache for you, too, because of the lower software price-points and Linux threat, but now even those low price points are going to zero).

via Apple’s iPad Is Going To Destroy The Netbook Market, Says Goldman (Sorry, Microsoft).

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