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I’ve gone fully Google — gmail integration of my email, Google docs, Google Calendar — but when Buzz Bruggeman suggested we talk and I use his Tungle account, I decided, hey, what the heck, sign up for another service.

Anyway — I am on Tungle, syncing my Google calendar to it. If you want to talk and get on my sked, check it out.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

4 thoughts on “Schedule management”

  1. OK, I am all for transparency, but David, why in the world would you want to let just anyone know whether you are free for a meeting or not?

    The art of block and tackling meeting requests is one that should be held in high regard! 😉

  2. David, what are your thoughts regarding using your Google calendar and other resources for work, especially in a PC-centric organization, as opposed to personal use? (I’m assuming you are in a Microsoft environment.) How do you coordinate the two?

  3. I live and work in a Lotus Notes environment which is like having parasites and malnutrition. Google is a necessity personally, not a luxury.

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