Blog/Aggregator Valuations

Gawker network three times more valuable than Drudge Report, according to survey | Poynter..

Interesting list of top 25 blogs/aggregators by 24/7 Wall Street. Congrats to my buddies who work at or own some of these.

  1. Gawker: $318 million
  2. Drudge: $93 million
  3. PopSugar Media Network: $64 million
  4. SBNation: $56 million
  5. Macrumors: $52 million
  6. Business Insider, Seeking Alpha: $45 million
  7. Cheezburger Network $41 million
  8. Mashable $39 million
  9. GigaOM $32 million
  10. Perez Hilton $29 million
  11. Funny or Die $27 million
  12. The Blaze $24 million
  13. Zero Hedge $16 million
  14. ReadWriteWeb $13.2 million
  15. VentureBeat $13 million
  16. PItchfork $12.9 million
  17. Mediaite $12 million
  18. Newser $8 million
  19. Boing Boing $7 million
  20. Gothamist $4.2 million
  21. Breitbart $4 million
  22. Destructoid $3.7 million
  23. Breaking Media $3.5 million
  24. 24/7 Wall St. (Of course the site had to put itself on the list, though it doesn’t estimate its own value.)”

Cotuit Oyster Company

Great profile of Cotuit’s oldest clam company. I love the final paragraph which sums up why we need to encourage more aquaculture and be less concerned with McMansion waterfront rights.

“And the oysters are actually good for the ecosystem, each filtering as many as 50 gallons of water a day and removing nitrogen. The bivalves’ combined effect, says Gargiulo, is like removing 100 houses with septic systems from the waterfront.”

via Splendid Through the Centuries – Cape Cod Life Online.



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