Tulips and hyacinths and stomach pumps

Great Easter dinner — I roasted a lamb, grilled some asparagus, etc.  and wound up eating about 20 deviled eggs which was the beginning of a deep-end slide off the Paleo wagon into a total caloric orgy of cupcakes, lemon meringue pie, cake, grilled Greek halloumi cheese, dolma, Irish/French(?) coffee made with armagnac (which made me start shouting at the television in the latter hapless innings of the Red Sox-Tigers game) and then a post-prandial food coma with a couple more cupcakes just to seal the deal.

I saw the doctor this morning for a routine checkup and my blood pressure was 100 over 70 which earned me a big attaboy in addition to praise for shedding a lot of weight since the last visit. Today is a day of penance and carrots with a trip to Crossfit Cape Cod coming to further flagellate myself for the 10K calorie day on Sunday.

Oh, and I have tulips.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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