Patti Page: 1927-2012

For the longest time I thought this song was the reason Cape Cod went to the dogs — Patti Page sings a sappy song and the hordes come rolling over the bridges looking for the vision the song painted. Then, homesick and a coast away in California, in a pizza parlor way out in the Sunset of San Francisco on Clement Street, down to my last $20 bucks, a calzone, a pitcher of Anchor Steam, and a couple college buddies, I drop a quarter in the jukebox and there she was: Old Cape Cod. There’s only one other song that is more evocative of the Cape gone-by, and that in my mind is the Thompson’s Clam Bar jingle. Anyway, I punched in the buttons,  sat down, picked up my beer, and toasted the Cape as she began to sing:

Patti Page: 1927-2012, RIP: (New York Times obituary)

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

One thought on “Patti Page: 1927-2012”

  1. Thought this was a really nice mini-eulogy, David. I have to say, as a music nerd and jazz aficionado, I take it hard as each icon of the golden age leaves us. I always think of the “Great Day in Harlem” photo of jazz greats–Life Magazine re-staged it years later and it was chilling to see all the deceased musicians missing from it.

    I wrote this piece when a documentary came out on the subject:

    Hope you’re well–think of you often here in the social media trenches.


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