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Om Malik invited me into a beta of Editorially, a service for collaboratively editing documents that is a vast improvement over Google Docs or the messy world of Microsoft Word redlining. It offers version control and commenting, but lacks markup for any delta between versions.  I don’t know if I’d call it “Atex in the Cloud” but I did like it on first use.

I have three two three beta invites if anyone is interested.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Bill Habicht – Davis, CA – Bill Habicht is the Associate Pastor at Davis Community Church in Davis, CA. He would describe himself as "a 'common good' and social media conspirator. He believes that Jesus models for us a way of life that uplifts the poor, embodies justice, and calls us to seek out meaningful relationship with the marginalized. Bill takes a holistic approach to faith, and values the spiritual practices of yoga, Qigong, no-barriers hospitality, and relational service as a means to deepen love of God and neighbor. He is known for challenging the Church to (re)imagine itself in this spiritually inclusive age, and is continually exploring new ways to “do church” in the 21st century. Bill brings with him experience in working with a wide range of oppressed and marginalized groups. He has worked for the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Virginia Supportive Housing, the New Orleans Police Department, the PC(USA) in Ghana, West Africa, and lived as a student resident at the Dismas House (transitional housing for former criminal offenders). Since arriving at Davis Community Church in 2005, Bill has helped to start programs such as the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, the Youth Leadership Institute and the Radiate Art Collective. He is currently working on Mosaic Tea & Coffee, a community collaboration that will provide job training & placement for adults with disabilities, using a gift-economy model of interaction. Bill is also a former TEDx speaker, presenting on the topic of crowsourcing at TEDxUCDavis in 2013 (video). In 2014, Bill became the first recipient of the Jay Gerber Young Community Leader Award as well as received the Thong H. Huynh Award for "Excellence in Community Involvement" from the City of Davis. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter of Davis in 2011. In his spare time, Bill likes to spend time with his beautiful wife, Amy, and two children, Asher and Amelie. He also likes to dabble in technology and explore how social media can be used for the common good of the community.
    Bill Habicht says:

    If you have any beta invites left, I’d love to get one.

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