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Nice job by Maryjo Wheatley on this video for the Barnstable Land Trust’s efforts to save the land around Lowell Park, home field of the Cotuit Kettleers. I was happy to sit and talk with her but didn’t expect, well, you’ll see… Maryjo is an amazing videographer, she worked for WGBH, the legendary PBS operation in Boston, and was in communications at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute back in my Forbes days. She helped me get a story about the very earliest GPS digital charting technologies back in 1993. Her husband, Capt. Bob Boden is a distant cousin and long-time friend. The three of us sometimes catch the Kettleers together — but this has not been the most baseball-ish summer for me. Too much client work is keeping me locked to my desk, then add in house guests, bad weather….there’s still time.

Anyway. back to the cause at the center of the video. The Barnstable Land Trust has until the end of the year to come up with the money to complete the purchase of the 19-acres of woodlands that surround Lowell Park to the north and the east. At risk is a key part of Cotuit’s open space. For the team, what’s at risk is a really nice “batter’s eye” in terms of an uninterrupted backdrop behind the pitcher so the batters can pick up the ball hurling towards them at 90+ mph.

The BLT is conducting their annual fundraising, auction, to-do on Ropes Field this Sunday afternoon from 3:30 to 7 pm

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  1. As another year ends at Lowell Park and the surrounding forest it is instructive to observe the demographics of baseball and it’s effect on the village park. As recently as 2006 four local high school age teams ( Barnstable AAU Mar-May , Sturgis Charter School Apr-May , American Legion June-July , Barnstable Fall Babe Ruth Sept-Oct ) used the field for games and practices . In 2014 only one school age team , the Legion , used the field , splitting their home games between Cotuit and Hyannis’s McKeon Park . The disappearance of baseball in Cotuit reflects a national trend – Little League registration is way down and on television the World Series is easily out rated by a lousy Monday night football game of low interest , say Tampa vs. Tennessee . On the Cape a meaningless pre season Patriots game out draws Red Sox – Yankees in a pennant chase ! The times are changing . And Lowell Park finds itself in a time of transistion too . As baseball use decreases Public use becomes more important than ever . The wedding in Sept 2013 filled the parking lot and Lowell Ave , and was a great success. Like the beaches beautiful and free . Barnstable Land Trust ,interested in managing the surrounding woods , received a 6 month extension ( Sept 2015 ) to raise the money . A very good cause and wise use of public donations please help them if you can . BLT will be doing their 5K run in Aug again if you missed it last year . A quiet but important time of the year as dog walkers and bird watchers enjoy the solitude of the park . The hiking trail that begins at the center field flag pole intersects with an ancient way ,Old Post Rd , if you enjoy walking in the woods . This was the old sled trail for hauling ice from Lovells pond to the Cotuit Oyster Co location , loaded onto a ship destined for Nantucket .

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