“I don’t want to be the last boat builder”

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A marvelous profile of one of the last of the wooden shipwrights in Essex, Massachusetts. the center of colonial ship building on the North Shore.

I found this brief profile of one of the state’s last shipwrights while researching the history of shipbuilding in Massachusetts. Harold Burnham’s ancestors started building boats in the 1600s in Essex on the North Shore. He’s still at it today, preserving a bit of history one tree at a time.

Author: David Churbuck

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One thought on ““I don’t want to be the last boat builder””

  1. Lou Carreras – Marine carving as a trade was an outgrowth of my family background and my professional interests in boat and shipbuilding arts. I have an abiding interest in all things maritime, and my blog is as much about Maritime life as it is about marine carving. Like most sailors,​ I love sea stories
    Lou Carreras says:

    If you are interested in Harold you might want to watch this video I did about six years ago:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvGRzCZZS7E

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