Cotuit Dredge Project

For people pointed here by the Barnstable Patriot looking for information on the Sampson’s Island/Dead Neck dredging applications (2013) here’s the  posts I’ve written on the topic. Please bear in mind the official information is best found at the Three Bays website as well as the Town of Barnstable’s Conservation Commission website. I’m just an interested bystander and voter with an opinion.

The ConComm will revisit the applications in March.

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  1. Hi David.
    We know each other from a long long time ago in Cotuit—Laurie Dooley–I was Julie’s age and my mom carol Dooley and your mom were very good friends. Well, I am trying to get a handicap ramp funded at Loop Beach for my mom and her friends and for me–who has been diagnosed with MS years ago and have a balance problem. I have the labor secured by the Sheriff’s Dept for the end of September and have started a fund raising page on The disability commission has granted us a grant of $2500 so that roughly leaves me with $7900 left to raise. I got about $600 from residents so far,, but the cost of the materials are estimated at about $11,000 and way you have connections with anyone that could help??

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