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Most word-of-the-day services, emails or other vocabulary building tools are pretty wimpy in my snotty opinion so I have a running list of new words I keep in a note file on Evernote. See my blog post about how I approach reading and vocabulary collection using index cards, a pen or pencil, and Evernote.

When I remember I’ll throw a new work into the sidebar of this blog and archive the old ones on this page in case you want to throw a bookmark at it. Submissions welcome:

Percipient:  adjective

 1. (of a person) having a good understanding of things; perceptive.
“he is a percipient interpreter of the public mood”
 2. (especially in philosophy or with reference to psychic phenomena) a person who is able to perceive things.

Deodand: noun

A thing forfeited or given to God, specifically, in law, an object or instrument which becomes forfeit because it has caused a person’s death.

Subfusc: adj.
1. Dull or gloomy; having subdued colors.
2. noun: formal clothing worn for exams and special occasions by academics and students in Great Britain.

 Vulturine: adj.
  1. Pertaining to vultures.
  2. Predaceous.


1. make small enhancing alterations to (something).
“she slapped on her warpaint and titivated her hair”
2. make oneself look attractive.

Calentures: noun

A feverish delirium formerly supposed to affect sailors in the tropics

Timoneer: noun


French timonier, from timon (a helm), from Latin temotemonis (a pole).


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