Bragging ….

My daughter recently won the US National High School Rowing championships in the Junior Women’s Fours with Coxswain. This being her first year rowing, it’s a huge accomplishment for her individually, but most importantly her team, the Brooks School, which also won the title last year.

To put it all in perspective, I also learned how to row at Brooks and it took me until my senior year before I found a seat in the First (or varsity) boat. I never won a New England championship (which my daughter did this past May), nor did I ever earn a medal at the national level (there were no high school national championships in the mid-70s. For a novice to do this in their first season? Nearly impossible.

 Now Alexandra is rowing at the US National Junior Development camp in New London, an honor open only to the best junior rowers in the country.

 I taped the championships in Cincinnati and have posted clips elsewhere on her page here at More later on my forays into the world of digital video.


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