Internet Advertising Projections for 2006 — who has the numbers?

IAB Resources and Research would appear to the touchstone for compiling various predictions about year-to-year growth of online advertising.

Unfortunately — for me, since  I need a solid prediction for ’06 now — the Internet Advertising Bureau is only showing estimates cooked up a year ago, and those include estimates for paid search, which by itself is arguably 25% of the category.




My worry working with expectations of growth in the high twenties and low thirty percent range, is two-fold:

1. Paid search shows no sign of slowing (save for some major click fraud discredit) and is, if one extrapolates Overture and Google Revenues, at least 20% of the spend and is not a space I play in).

2. The rapid rebound of spending between late 2003 and the present is widely predicted to flatten through the next four years and 2006, barring the development of a compellingly profitable new ad model accepted by marketers, could be the year that the CAGR starts to stagger.






Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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