0 thoughts on “ABC News: Silicon Insider: Forbes Fumbles the Blogosphere”

  1. Hey, Mike Malone is such a guru, afterall, he’s hitched his star to numerous others in Silicon Valley; notably Rich Kargaard Forbes’ Publisher and befor that he was a “gofor” hitched to a San Jose Mercury Pulitzer winner.his big claim to fame was a book on National Semiconductor and an article in a little read tech business publication (UPside” called the Pussification of the Valley.” if it weren’t for a tea kettle PBS station in San Jose, Malone would still be freelancing tech marketing pieces for PR agencies.
    Malone is a super star who survived the dot com blow up. He has Profited from a tenuous claim to fame and is still milking his past connections for all they’re worth.
    I wish him well going forward.
    Jim Forbes

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