Lectures: 12 Byzantine Rulers Lectures: 12 Byzantine Rulers

Previously I posted about the dearth of decent university lecture podcasts. This one, by SUNY professor Lars Brownsworth, is very good, at least to me, a Byzantine history geek.

Two episodes and I want the rest NOW.

I have a serious Byzantium-thing that dates back to the publication of John Julius Norwich’s epic tryptch in the late 90s. Since then I’ve devoured everything from Ostrogorski to Gibbon, Runciman to the few existing primary sources. If I had one dream in retirement it would be to get a doctorate in Byzantine history, specifically the Paleogus line.

There is a big opportunity for some shrew aggregator to get in front of the lecture-podcast movement and start making available some "real" lectures and not the watered-down  "continuing education" crap.

 So check out 12 Byzantine Rulers for a good example of what could be.

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