Structured Blogging Test

Here’s the deal at And here’s me playing with it.

{update: oops, the plug-in is installed but the Php on my server needs upgrading before it will work.}

"The explosion in blogging has created a cottage industry for new tools – not only for managing our blogs and their content, but also for handling the tremendous wealth of new information being published to the Web every minute. Aggregators, search engines and matching engines are just a few of the resources we have at our disposal to corral and make sense of it all.

Blogs are an easy-to-use publishing system which offers value to the publisher through syndication, or the ability to reach wide audiences through aggregators and Web sites. The simple lesson we learned from blogging is that semi-structured data could be generated as quickly as natural-language blogposts if the tools were there—sort of a "build it and they will come" mentality.

We believe that it will be possible to meet the requirements of ease of use and added value in creating syndicated formats for many different content types through Structured Blogging. We’ll provide the mechanisms for creating content, reading content and embedding content in both XML and HTML. We can do this transparently, so ordinary blog readers and writers won’t even notice the difference. And we can do this within existing content systems, without breaking RSS, RDF or Atom (we can even create a system for mapping structure to RDF, and back)."


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