Okay, my X60s sees my headset

Major breakthrough. Wiped out all vestiges of bluetoothian b.s. on the machine, let it start back up, did a pairing, and ta-da!, there was my headset.

That’s about it. There is my headset. Can’t Skype through it. Can’t listen to Rob Zombie through it.  But it lives. It lives!
and in futher Phuqital Labs news, I have managed to Ubuntu the world’s worst laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1200 — the one’s they give to prisoners just to mess with their heads — and lordy, lordy, I am an honest to goodness Linux weenie. Will start growing my beard tomorrow and am in the market for some birkenstocks and a recumbent bicycle  (wait, that’s the LISP look),  anyway, Morris Dancing can’t be far away now. Gotta say, GNOME is a pretty UI.

I am a geek manque.

PS: I almost climbed on my “other” bike today, the SnotRocket, but due to lack o’helmet, thought better and came inside and defragged a hard disk instead.

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