Online/Print Revenue Crossover

Folio Magazine – Home

Is the crossover upon us? Is the magic moment when online revenues exceed print revenues inside an IT publisher’s P&L about to occur? Jim Spanfeller, ceo of said over a year ago that he expected Forbes’ online revenues to overtake print’s within 18 months. Now Folio magazine is reporting that the tech publishers are, at the very least, beginning to offset print revenue declines with torrid online growth. Still, we’re a ways away from a total flip.

“The amount of online revenue in absolute dollar terms is exceeding any decline in print although print has been a little healthier lately,” says [IDG’s] Carrigan. “Our online business in percentage terms is up 40 percent over the prior year and online is approaching 20 percent of our total U.S. revenues. It’s a substantial business and high-growth in absolute dollars.”

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