Singing the lost wallet blues …

Sunday, while shopping like a dervish for a dinner party, I left my wallet in the kiddie seat of my shopping cart, abandoned it in the parking lot, drove off, remembered — duh — turned around, found the cart. Wallet was gone.


Called Amex, availed myself of the services of that stupid card registry I paid for but never used and to my amazement, got off of the phone within five minutes with all cards cancelled, new ones ordered, new drivers license ordered, new social security card ordered …. all of it replaced except for the cash and the billfold. Sweet.

That meant that I couldn’t travel to Raleigh this week, which put me into a classic case of Protestant Work Ethic Guilt and Angst, which in turn drove me to heights of work-at-home productivity. Oh well. Worst things could happen than having to sit out this heat wave on Cape Cod.

This week also marks the first true feeling of being recovered from the Memorial Day bike accident. I don’t ache as badly, the migraines are under control, I am exercising, and don’t feel unsure on my feet any more. Yay. But I have no bike. Wife says a new bike = divorce court. This affair d’Landis has me totally devastated. I predict, as Floyd does, that the B sample will come in positive, he will be stripped of the yellow jersey, and yet … yet … I’ll continue to watch the pharmaceutical spectacle obsessively.

So — at home this week. Vacation next. Into the dog days of August and life is fine.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. David,

    Thank you again for connecting my firm and I to Ajay Kaul and Jim Hazen. Our plight to bring this industry to formerly unrealized levels, whether it be shifting a media-mix (print to online) or changing the model (serving to reporting) through a positively measurable means has been exciting and I sincerely appreciate any advocates that participate in our promotion.

    I have your RSS on my custom Google page, and coming from a small town (ducks, chickens, no cable, etc.) the ease of connectivity and the progression to total connectedness for the masses still blows me away. Also, it is refreshing to see a culture embracing the creative side of business and staying connected to the consumer; through your cell phone.

    Understanding you are again relegated to the domicile, sun tea being a must on a hot Cape Cod day and the impending vacation which can curse the mind with clutter, would it be possible for you and the team to give us a little feedback on what we have presented up to now, and are there other individuals on the Lenovo team that we should/may contact?

    I appreciate the time.


    Eric Shaner
    BlackFoot Inc.
    (646) 290-8098 – O
    (415) 627-7315 – C

  2. Eric — keep working with Ajay on the proposal — he’s taking the lead on web analytics on the web marketing team. Jim is the master of measurement. I’ll reping Ajay to get his thoughts on your proposal.

    No hammock this week. Next week … nice to have the prospect of nothing whatsoever on the agenda.

    Joe — sweet ride. I like the frame — who is the builder? And I love hills having few to none here on Cape Cod.

  3. It’s a Trek Soho. I wanted a Kona Dr. Dew, but alas, all sold out.

    Fun fact about the Trek Soho – it comes with a water bottle compatible coffee mug :p

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