Low tide is noon tomorrow …

And I am going clamming. I need some fresh air after this past week. Five hours and I roll into Cotuit. I need an hour on the rowing machine to blow off some sushi and general jet lag torpitude, reunite with dogs, and start planning an Indian summer weekend on Cape Cod. Perhaps some striper fishing this evening … So many options, so little time before the leaves blow off the trees and Cape Cod turns into a frozen black and white movie.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. An excellent plan. Low tide at noon means you’ll have a nice outbound tide for the evening. Sounds like time to wave the wand and see about a few stripers. The Vineyard tourney reports show that things still haven’t heated up for the fall run. They’re still getting bonito over there, so the big push should start soon. I blogged a report on the tourney, plus a report of a 61 lb. striper at Barnegat this morning here… http://reel-time.com/blogs/cahill/

  2. I’ll be sarching for the other type of clam while you’re clamming. My clamming will be done whistfully at my 40th high school reunion.
    Welcome home to ‘Merika, Churbuck San.
    I fished the east fork today and got one nice fat native rainbow and a 3’ rattler sunning itself on my rock. the rattler i put back in the brushes, the trout I put in my willow creel.


  3. i think it will be at 11:59 big diffrence so get your facts right!

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