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This has been a good day. We launched the second “official” Lenovo Blog — Inside the Box — with Matt Kohut, our worldwide competitive analyst at the helm. This marks the debut of the corporate blog template and the debut of our corporate blog aggregator at http://www.lenovoblogs.com.

OgilvyPR — John Bell and Veronica Oleynik — made the design and hosting happen. Without them …. we’d be using Blogger or WordPress.com and not living in the slick world we do.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Some very interesting reading. I wondered today when my feeds for design matters failed to load if something was going on. I like the new design and frontpage, and I like the idea of “design matters” and “inside the box” having different look and feel. I think there might be something wrong, though, with “you need to login to comment” link that sends you to wp-login.php…

  2. Stefan/Esteban: I fixed it. Wrong boxes checked off in the wordpress dashboard. Post away.

    Mike: glad you like it. Thanks for getting the DNS repointed.

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