Ben Lipman on Marketing ROI

Cheaper than Therapy

In November I said the smartest guy I knew was blogging. He still is, albeit selectively. He has good notes on ROI. Check out his five points.

“What then should I make of the recent news on how certain brands stir up areas of the brain’s cortex? Marketing and advertising have often been the black hole of ROI, measured in warm fuzzies like “impressions” the Net has profited handsomely from bringing some good old fashioned financial discipline in the form or keyword purchases. Measure your sales from the clicks, pay for the keywords. Fairly simple to measure the ROI when you can track the purchaser from beginning to end. It’s when you can’t, when you’re just pinging the sheep masses with your brand that ROI becomes a magician’s game, a sleight of hand with numbers to end up in any place that feels comfortable.”

Author: David Churbuck

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