The Royal “We”

No, not as in the “Wii”, but as in the pernicious habit of corporate bloggers to address their audiences with the self-referential pronoun: “We”

As in: “Here at Yoyodyne we are committed to annoying our customers by speaking in sweeping terms and referring to ourselves with plural pronounds which fail to identify who the single individual is where the buck stops and responsibility begins.”

Corporate bloggers need to avoid the “Royal We”: Aka pluris majestatis. Sincerity is about using “I” and “me” backed up with a cell phone number and a working email address. As in: “I am personally sorry you got hosed this Christmas season and won’t be getting a Wii for junior. If you want to scream at me, call this number any time, day or night.”

“We” is insincere. Since when can several people type simultaneously? Any attempt by an individual to speak for multiple people is dissembling.

I am guilty of using the Royal We on our corporate blogs and henceforth will root it out.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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