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Wow, someone at must have waved the magic wand over the corrupted MySQL tables. Hooray! and apologies for the inconvenience these past few days. Now to figure out why the table corruption is occurring.

Update: According to support at, the problem was caused by blog spam. It may be time to look at an Akismet replacement.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. David, you can call me at 508-539-9523, it’s essentially a spam issue, your site is getting hammered, we suggest activating either Aksimet or Spam Karma 2 plug-ins to attempt to help that issue, we aren’t sure if you have either of those already activated, let us know.


  2. we upgraded the php version, this may also help. Since the k2 theme uses ajax to post the comment there was an error coming through.

  3. I use Akismet and Bad Behavior – it’s killing most of the stuff.

    But this is like defending against alien hordes…hundreds of attempts a day, eventually they will get through.

    This goes well beyond simply spamming – they must subvert our systems to get in. Hence this is not just bad behavior, it’s out right theft. In my mind, it makes it a legal issue, not a technical issue.

    This spam is advertising something, therefore we can assume it is directed by the advertisers. If the advertiser is in the US, we have legal standing. Maybe I’ll see about having one of my brothers file a suit.

  4. I worry that the scum are now deploying scripted spam to disrupt the blockers. The days of trying to beat the Bayesian filters are past, now the arms race is moving to Ajax comment busters. Until then. I will just empty the Akismet buffer religiously and hope for the best. Having comments go down is a major PITA

  5. I get more spam than visits… Luckily Akismet catches them all.

    Anyways I’m glad I get to spam comments at again… 😉

  6. Yes David. Javascript executing crawlers are all the rage. Pardon moi, but may I exercise my click fraud bot on yr sites? Drupal comments can be busted wide with big love from the Russian mafia.

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