If You Want to Understand Tablet PCs …

Then use Google Reader  … you can sail through a hundred feeds in no time, can star and note them with a touch of the pen, and using the X60 tablet’s “bezel mouse” can scroll and pan to your heart’s delight. Marking a feed as “read” is a snap … I am in love.
I used to consider Microsoft OneNote to be the killer app for demonstrating a tablet’s power, but rolling through an AJAX interface to screen hundreds of feeds via Google is my new de facto show-off app.

I would not recommend trying to blog or comment using the pen interface — my handwriting sucks and it is just as easy to swivel the thing open and start typing.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. David, it is hard for someone like me who has never used a tablet PC to understand why this is significantly better than opening the thing like a regular notebook and reading feeds that way …

  2. Ryan, if you are in an application that requires no text input — just the rapid sorting and scanning of a large body of information — with rapid actions such as marking a feed as “read” or “starring” a post for later retrieval — and when the dominant actions are scrolling and opening, not writing or anything keyboard-intensive, then the tablet magically comes into its own.

    It’s one of those, “you-have-to-try-it” to believe it scenarios.

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